Google News Editor’s Picks + Feed Tool

If you run a news website, you are most likely already familiar with the importance of having your content show up in Google News.  It is an instant way to get traffic and new visitors to your website.

Google News also has a feature on the right side of the screen called Editor’s Picks:

To get your content into Editor’s Picks, there are some strict feed requirements. The good news for you is that – using Feed Tool – the process is simple.

The first thing you will want to do is create a new Outgoing Feed.  In our example, we will pretend that we are creating an Editor’s Picks feed for  Name your feed something logical such as “ – Google News – Editor’s Picks”.  You will also need to upload your logo for the feed as well, per the feed requirements from Google.

Once you create the feed, it will be available in your dashboard.  From your dashboard you can edit the feed settings, add content to the feed, or view the feed (it will be empty!)

In order populate your new feed, you may want to add some Incoming Feeds to use as sources.  Some examples of feeds to use as sources may be found here.  Remember that you do not need to have Incoming Feeds to use Feed Tool.  You can always create custom feeds items on your own – it may just end up being a bit more work.

Once you add a few Incoming Feeds, simply go to the Feed Manager and start picking the content you want for your feed, and sort the content for your outgoing feed by dragging and dropping the feed items in the list.

Now, all you have to do is save your feed, return to the Dashboard, and click on View XML.

Here is the XML feed we created, which can be submitted to Google:

Once the feed has been submitted to Google, keeping it updated in Feed Tool is a simple task.

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